"LIVE" Victim Impact Panel (VIP):

This program is 2 hours in length and is designed to increase the awareness of participants by educating them on the impact that alcohol and/or drug use has on other individuals in society.  This course is designed to take the focus off the participant and place the focus on those who's lives have been directly affected by acts such as Driving Under the Influence.  Participants are afforded the opportunity to witness personal stories through videos and guest speakers.  

We are creating a "Wall of Memories" dedicated to those whose lives have been lost due to a drunk driver.  If you would like your loved one's photo displayed on the wall, please mail photos to:

A+ Alcohol & Drug Offender Education Center
6007 Rittiman Plaza
San Antonio, TX 78218

Include your loved one's name, age at the time of the accident, date of accident, and accident location.  A photo of the wall will be posted soon.
Hi, my name is Anthony Trujillo.  I am a speaker here at A+ Alcohol & Drug Offender Education Center.  I
share my personal story about when I was hit head on by a drunk driver in
San Antonio back in 2001.
Please note that photos will not be returned.
Our price:
If you are interested in speaking at a
"LIVE" Victim Impact Panel please contact us at (210) 822-5888.

To learn more about Anthony, visit his video on YouTube by clicking on the following link