"...I learned and enjoyed the class the entire time.     I was not expecting that.  Thanks Mr. Gonzales,         I loved it!"
- DWI Education Student 05/15/2011
"...It was easy for me to stay engaged in class.  The instructor was very enthusiastic and genuine,
Mr. Gonzales rules!.  I enjoyed every minute!"
- DWI Education Student 10/03/2010
"...Mr Gonzales is REAL...I can relate to the instructor and he knew what I was feeling.  I liked the interaction and that I could get any of my questions answered."
- Drug Offender Education Student

“...Hearing Anthony speak has made me realize I am lucky to be sitting here in class alive and uninjured.”
- Victim Impact Student

"...If Mr. Gonzales was my teacher in school I would have paid more attention and made straight A's.  Other instructors should take notes from him.  Thanks Mr. G!"
- Alcohol Awareness Student
"...I will never drink and drive again and will encourage friends and loved ones not to as well by sharing my new education.  I wish it was mandatory for every driver to attend this course."
- Victim Impact Student 05/15/2011

"...If I were not already in recovery, I would have been inspired to seek help based on this class.  I am glad I chose this class provider."
- DWI Education Student 10/03/2010

"...This course has changed my life.  It has really changed my views and my decision making about driving while intoxicated"
- Victim Impact Student 05/15/11

"...Armando made the course easier to attend, was a lot less difficult to sit through and kept my attention the full time, exceeded my expectations."
- DWI Education Student 05/15/11

"...The instructor was very knowlegble and fun in the classroom.  He has gauranteed my promise of not drinking and driving again."
- DWI Education Student 01/23/2011

"...I am leaving this class with full dedication to get help....And never drive under the influence again."
- Victim Impact Student 02/06/2011
We have been serving clients in San Antonio and surrounding counties since 2007.  We take
great pride in setting the standard for quality education in the state Texas.  Don't take our word for it, please read just a few of our outstanding reviews we have received from past students!
"...This has actually been a great class and has given me hope that it is possible to change."
-DWI Intervention Student 03/12/2011

"...I felt engaged and interested throughout - my mind has been changed genuinely about drinking and driving."
-DWI Education Student 02/06/2011

"...Really enjoyed the class.  it was informative, entertaining, and I am glad I chose A+.  Really impresed with the entire class."
-Drug Offender Education Student 02/25/2011

"...Great class, incredible instructor, now see the world and life through new eyes."
-DWI Intervention Student 05/07/2011

"...It was more than I expected.  When I came I was not interested, now I don't want to leave."
-Drug Offender Education Student 05/20/11